Is it real to make your penis larger?

The world of advertisement provides different ways to improve your body. It is also actual for man’s penis. There are some offers that guarantee an immediate result. But the problems lie in men’s minds. A lot of people think that they have a small penis, but, in fact, they are not right. And the second important thing is that all the techniques and pills are made just for sale. They have no results. And even some of them can be really dangerous.

There are some ways to improve the size:

  1. Medical ways;
  2. Training of different kinds;
  3. Additional elements.

Let’s clarify what all these points mean.

Having a look at a medical side

If we speak about a medical improvement there are two general ways to do it. The first is to use different lotions, pills and so on. It can be effective only in mind. There is no evidence that they are helpful. But the sellers are sure that they are. At least, some of them can do much harm to your health. Before testing new medicine visit a doctor to consult with him.

Another popular way to improve the size is surgery. It can be carried on if a man has some defects. The doctors are against the operations on enlarging the size. They are rarely carried on and the results are controversial. There are a lot of risks in it, such as infection, and even loss of a normal function. It really can add only a few centimetres. There is not enough evidence on it.

Popular ways of penis enlargement at home

The Internet is full of advice about making your penis large. But the result is always the same. One of the most widespread ideas is jelqing. It is an exercise when people try to stretch their penis by rolling it from hand to hand. There are no evident results in it. It is not scientifically proved. Active usage for penis enhancement of this technique can bring harm. As a result, you can have scars and loss of sensitivity.

Using additional elements to enlarge a penis is also popular. A lot of people try to use them at home. The best well-known thing is a vacuum pump. It is sometimes used to cure the dysfunction of the organ. You can have a visual effect, but it won’t last so long. After a while your penis will go back to its normal size. Overusing is also dangerous and can cause harm.

Another similar way is to use a penile extender. The idea is similar to a vacuum pump. A popular magazine claims that an extender can lengthen a penis up to 1.5 centimetres for 3 months. It is not less dangerous than using a vacuum pump. You can be injured by overusing it.

One more popular way to enlarge the penis is to use clamps and rings. It is put on the erected penis, so it prevents blood from flowing out. It can also enlarge it, but the result will be temporal. And there are also risks of damages and injuries.

But in fact, the problem of a small size is not so serious as it might be. A lot of people think that their penis is small, but in fact, it is the real normal size. Normal size is considered to be between 8 and 13 centimetres, something that is more – a big one.

Moreover, it is important to mention that all the techniques are not actual. They just don’t work. Some of them are even dangerous. Don’t believe the advertisement and take care of your health before testing something new.