Welcome to Sparetime’s Belly & Soul Diner! 
 We re-opened in August of 2016, this 50’s style, iconic diner has been serving sweets and great food to the Alexandria and Northern Kentucky community for more than 5 decades. Sparetime has a rich history in Alexandria and has even been on the “Hollywood” stage in several movies such as “Fresh Horses” in 1972 and “Carol” in 2014.

Belly & Soul Diner will serve favorites many remember such as the Spare Burger, plus the award winning “Ingram’s Restaurant” pies like thmugs-on-countere Reese & Coconut Cream! Also, you must try our own “new” twist on brunch featuring Chef Kevin’s Corned Beef Hash and Turkey Avocado Eggs Benedict.

So, take a drive to Alexandria, Ky (just 25 minutes south of Cincinnati) and enjoy our down home hospitality and scrumptious food. Come Hungry…Leave Happy!